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We want to make sure you are clear on how things work here on Afrelink and so we've shared some frequently asked questions to help put your mind at ease if this is your first time getting linked through our platform.

How do I connect with one of your executives?

Finding a date and time that suites all parties is often the most time-consuming part, coupled with invoicing for payment. So our aim is to simplify that process.

Simply find the executive you want to connect with, process payment [with an instant EFT or card payment] and then go on to secure your date & timeslot, before a confirmation email will be sent through to you. It's that easy!

How are payments processed on the Afrelink platform?

We accept all VISA & Mastercard payments.

Simply input your card details to process payment for your consultation and once that is done, you will be able to book the date and timeslot.

Prices are shown in South African Rands, though you can make payments from anywhere in the world and the amounts will reflect on your bank statement in your currency.

How much does each 1-hour consultation call cost?

The cost for each executives time differs, as their years of experience and area of expertise are different.

We have partnered with seasoned professionals, that have a wealth of knowledge and insights to offer; to make sure the time you spend with them adds value to you and leaves you clear-minded and feeling empowered.

Can I make more than one booking at a time?

You are welcome to book consultation calls with more than one executive at a time, but you can only process one booking at a time.

We are constantly looking to make improvements to out platform, so if you have any requests or queries, please share them with us via our contact page.

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